Would you like someone to sit with you and review all your social media platforms, give you honest feedback and help you to put together a simple, realistic and achievable plan for growth?

Small business owners are often so busy ‘doing’, they rarely take time out to plan their social media presence.

Approaching social media for business in the same way as you do for personal use will work, up to a point…┬ábut it can also mean that the social media presence is inconsistent, opportunities are missed, and great content doesn’t reach the right target audience, simply due to lack of forward-planning.

Straightforward solutions

Clew consultancy starts with a full social media audit, looking at your accounts from the perspective of a potential customer. We then review your social media analytics and work with you to put together a social media strategy, helping you maximize your social media effectiveness within the time that you have available.

Set yourself achievable targets, and we’ll ensure that you have the skills, the tools and the plan in place to hit those goals.

Do you have systems in place to monitor your own progress? Using our simple templates, you’ll be able to track your growth and establish periodic reviews to ensure that you stay on course.

Like the idea of your own personal social media mentor? Clew consultancy gives you exactly that.