Twitter Essentials for Business

Twitter has 317 million monthly active users, with the average Twitter user following five business profiles. Since 2017, customer service conversations on Twitter have more than doubled, with companies who use Twitter reporting a 19% increase in customer satisfaction.

Are you making the most of Twitter for your business conversations?

Our 3-hour interactive workshop is designed with small businesses in mind.

Join us and we will cover:

  • Why Twitter?
  • How do I tweet? What do I tweet? How often do I tweet?
  • Content for Twitter – the importance of “evergreen content”
  • Tweeting 3rd party content
  • Tweet composition, link sharing and tagging
  • The purpose of hashtags and hashtag research
  • Free tools for image sizing and branding
  • Free tools for tweet scheduling
  • Twitter communities – making connections through chat hours
  • The importance of engagement
  • Twitter advanced search features
  • Overview of Twitter analytics

*stats from

Workshop spaces are strictly limited to 8

Ticket price £65 per head

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Important thread if you have teens and pre-teens, girls in particular, who are starting to use social media 👇 #ResponsibleParenting #socialmedia

Excited to be heading back to @BostonHouseBC this Thursday for an informal social media drop-in session in the Hub. Open to all local businesses (not just those located in Boston House). Drop by, grab a coffee and get your questions answered... it's FREE 😃 #Wantage #Oxfordshire

If it never occurs to you to think "Thanks to social media, I am able to interact with amazingly knowledgeable and skilled people who are generous with their knowledge so that I have a wider view of the world" then you aren't doing it right!
This thread is fantastic. Savour it.

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